TSA Fails Undercover Security Tests at U.S. Airports

Traveling in the air may not be as safe as you think.

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A number of undercover tests at security checkpoints were conducted by Homeland Security to measure the safety of screeners, equipment, and security procedures. The results were shocking, TSA failed more than half the time.

When ABC News asked a source about the poor rating of the inspections, they reported that there is a 80% failure rate.” During a classified briefing, Rep. Michael McCaul, Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, referred to the results as “vulnerabilities” and “disturbing.”


Rep. Mike Rogers told TSA Administrator David Pekoske, “This agency that you run is broken badly and it needs your attention.”

The security checkpoint tests were done by Homeland Security secretaries and administrative workers, who were able to pass through checkpoints with dangerous contraband, which is alluded to be mock explosives, guns, and other weapons.

ABC News also reported that as of today, Capitol Hill has pushed for a new program which uses “new scanning equipment that creates a 3-D image of bags, giving screeners better ability to spot possibly dangerous items.” TSA has reportedly began testing out the new equipment at select airports locations.

Surprisingly, the failure rate is up from two years ago when TSA failed 95 percent of the time. What did TSA have to say about this?

“OIG findings very seriously and are implementing measures that will improve screening effectiveness at checkpoints.”

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