Words by Megan Ambers

I guess some things never change.

Disgraced NFL legend OJ Simpson was allegedly kicked out of a Las Vegas bar after becoming “drunk and unruly”.

Simpson, who were released from Prison in October after spending nine of a thirty-three year robbery and kidnapping sentence, was seen hanging out in Clinque, a bar in the strip’s Cosmopolitan hotel. According to several reports, staff at the hotel claims that Simpson became angry, disruptive and started to break glass, which lead to hotel security being called. It’s reported that although Simpson was polite to the hotel security, he was still told that he was barred from the hotel.

Simpson who is living in Las Vegas, is currently out on parole and it is not quite sure of this incident is in violation of his probation order.  A source told Radaronline that the Las Vegas police allegedly have a “permanent tail” on Simpson and “are waiting to pounce the minute he screws up!” Several news outlet has obtained a copy of the police audio after the incident took place. It is said that the dispatcher can be heard