Words by Leslie Monet

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A domino effect has rippled across Hollywood and the media since women (and men, including actor Terry Crews) have become empowered, spearheading a movement to address numerous sexual assault allegations of prominent individuals.  After the vast amount of testimonies alleging sexual misconduct of Harvey Weinstein, on top of the viral #MeToo movement, it seems almost daily the list continues to proliferate.

Not in any particular order besides industry, here’s the latest of the alleged perpetrators, after Weinstein:

Louis CK- Comedian/Filmmaker
Ben Afleck-Actor
George W. Bush Sr-Former President
Kevin Spacey – Actor
James Toback – Hollywood Screenwriter
Chris Savino – Creator of Nickelodeon’s “The Loud House”
Roy Price – Head of Amazon Studios
John Besh – Celebrity Chef
Mark Halperin – ABC News Journalist
Micheal Oreskes – Top Editor at NPR (National Public Radio)
Lockhart Steele – Editorial Director at Vox Media
Adam Venit – Head Agent of motion picture group WME
Steven Seagal – Actor
Charlie Sheen – Actor
Jeremy Piven – “Entourage” Actor
Ed Westwick – “Gossip Girl” Actor
Dustin Hoffman – Oscar-winning Actor
Matthew Weiner – Creator of AMC’s “Mad Men”
Andy Dick – Former “NewsRadio” star/Actor
Brett Ratnor – “Rush Hour” Producer/Director
David Blaine – Magician
David Guillod – “Atomic Blonde” Producer
Robert Knepper – “Transporter 3” Actor
John Singleton – Oscar-nominated Director

Unhonorable-mention to Harvey Weinstein’s brother, Bob Weinstein, who is under investigation for sexually harassing Spike TV “The Mist” showrunner Amanda Segel.

Obviously, this list in not all inclusive as the allegations continue to flood authorities’ desks daily. At this point, one would surely be concerned how this widespread scandal is going to be monitored for future transgressions against up-and-coming professionals in film industry or other high profile positions.  With a majority of the reports filed in the Hollywood area, the LAPD is set to form a task force specifically investigating sexual misconduct allegations. Also, on December 1st, Women In Film group is rolling out a sexual harassment Help Line and pro bono legal services for those in entertainment who’ve encountered misconduct in the past. The help line will be open 365 days.