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Today, Nov. 11th marks the day of the annual nationwide observance of Veterans Day. On Veterans Day, America is filled with pompous pride for the bravery of those who have served in the United States Armed Forces and includes the recognition of all military vets.

Men and women who roam the soil of America have made to choice to sacrifice their lives in order to serve in battle for the United States. Whether alive or dead, American officials make it their duty to commemorate the legacy of America veterans.

Many veterans have not only earned their salute through battle but through their deeds becoming the trusted teachers, engineers, firefighters, doctors and parents of all communities. Their spread throughout communities reveals the diverse cultural range of American patriots.


The voice of a vet holds a great deal of power. Despite the luminous pride that comes with serving the country, on the flipside, the sacrifice to serve has led some vets into the depths of personal struggle.

Veterans have fell victim to substance abuse, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, suicide, and homelessness, the uppermost. Fortunately, vets have been vocal on these conditions due to its effect on the astonishing death rate.

Out of the need to take preventive measures, veterans have been denied access to health care, an earned entitlement. This absent need is the basis of the current veteran struggle. On days such as Veterans Day, it is key to form an open dialogue about probable solutions for those who sacrificed their livelihoods in the spirit of bravery.

The Source sends a warm salute to all the veterans who continue to rightful serve this country. Happy Veterans Day.