For the past two years, 9th Wonder has been teaching the History of Hip-Hop class at North Carolina Central University. Wonder, whose alma matter is NCCU, will contribute to his register in music academia as his course launches the creation of Hip-Hop Central.

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Hip-Hop Central is a development by NC Central that will document the history and evolution of Hip Hop culture and create instrumental outlets for creatives. The development will include a library database filled with books and articles along with a recording studio. Additionally, Hip Hop Central will hold an annual conference focusing on Hip Hop education, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

Not to mention, 9th Wonder has seen the evolution of Hip Hop out of the bare experience. From his breakout debut remixing Nas’ album God’s Son titled God’s Stepson, to his praiseworthy deeds with Little Brother, and not to mention his renowned role on Destiny Child’s Destiny Fulfilled, 9th is beyond qualified to take on the job.


“It’s just the way to reach this generation,” Wonder tells local news station WRAL about his course. “I think this generation speaks in a certain language that the generations before did not. Hip-Hop is a now 44-year-old art form.”

The Grammy award-winning producer has a strong certitude about preserving the history of Black Music culture, not only with Hip Hop, but all its genres such as jazz, funk, soul, afrobeat, and more. His precept focuses on its connection to music ethnoecology and the African diaspora.

NCCU student Damon Westray finds Professor Wonder’s class as “not a structured” one.  He tells WRAL  on the nature of 9th’s course.

“It doesn’t just teach you about Hip-Hop. It teaches you about how Hip-Hop played a role in things like the bus boycott, segregation, the Black Lives Matter movements.”

Moreover, 9th Wonder has a well-rounded mentality concerning the language of Hip Hop. Hip Hop’s ability to disburse the messages of the unheard is one of its major strongholds. Wonder views NC’s Hip-Hop Central as the ideal outlet for creatives to express themselves while simultaneously owning polished knowledge and respect for the culture.