Still promoting their 2016 Grammy-nod receiving album and the anonymous nobody…,De La Soul launches the video from the first single “Royalty Capes”, which was actually released before the album. The video begins with Trugoy in his home in suburban Maryland, where he talks about what its like living with a Life Vest while battling congestive heart failure. He describes the Life Vest as a machine that “will shock me, and hopefully bring me back from the matrix. I’m ready just to get back to the stage. I miss it. I love traveling; I love being around my guys. And I want that back.”

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Health issues have plagued the Hip Hop community in the past few years with the deaths of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy, Sean Price, Q of Worldstar and of course, Plug’s Native Tongues brother Phife Dawg.

Be healthy, y’all. -dead prez