Wu Tang fans will soon get the opportunity to be serenaded by Ghostface Killah while enjoying a full course meal that consists of 36 flavors.

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Han Dynasty is partnering with Dogfish Head Brewery and Founders Brewing Company to host a Wu Tang-inspired dinner complete with 20 dishes. The event began at Han Dynasty’s original Philadelphia location, and when the word got out that a Hip Hop inspired dinner was happening an unidentified Clan member reached out to the owner Han Chiang and said, “Hey, how are you going to do a Wu-Tang dinner without us?” Then the rest was history.

“So they came in, Han met them and they collaborated [on] the dinner,” Liang said. “Han’s always been a big fan of Wu-Tang.” The 36-flavored smorgasbord is a salutation to the group’s debut album, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).


The event is taking place at Han Dynasty’s Brooklyn location on November 20th. Stay tuned for exclusive coverage from The Source. Tickets for the event are $185, and must be purchased in advance. To reserve your seat inquire at handynastybrooklyn@gmail.com

Ghostface Killah Set to Perform at Wu Tang Inspired Dinner in Brooklyn