At his wedding, Gucci Mane sliced a $75,000 Edda Martinez custom cake with a sword. Wasting no time in providing for his growing family, he will bring home a hefty $10 million after signing an extension with Atlantic Records.

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Keyshia Ka’oir must be the happiest woman alive. Her wedding was nationally televised.  Her guest list featured the biggest names of the hip-hop, and after becoming his Mrs., she can double check the the count.

The founding father of trap music possesses an iconic underground catalogue which provided the foundation for his mainstream success.


His work in the underground circuit made him a legend in Atlanta while subsequently upping the hip-hop spotlight toward the city.

His influence in modern hip-hop is undeniable. Continuing to crank out hits like his latest, “I Get The Bag,” Mr. Davis is a valued asset of Atlantic records.

Treating him as such, Guwop took to Twitter to announce the bag was secure:

“Thank You @AtlanticRecords for the 10 million dollar extension #ELGATOTheHumanGlacier I appreciate It sincerely,” 

In September  after he vowed to go independent and release a mixtape every other day: “2018 I’m going 100 percent independent and dropping a mixtape every other day  #MrDavisTheAlbum.”

With his star power, the proclamation is easily attainable.

Paid in full, Gucci Mane has refocused on his ambitious goals and will continue producing hits at his home label.

Fresh off his newly-released album Mr. Davis, which garnered appearances from premier artists such as The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign.

The album was well-received, finding a spot on the Billboard 200 during its opening week, selling over 70,000 copies and earning the top spot on both the Top R&B and Hip-Hop charts and the Top Rap charts.

Following the success of Mr. Davis, Gucci took to Twitter announcing his 12th album  titled El Gato the Human Glacier. “I’m naming my next album #El Gato the #HumanGlacier I wanna make 10 mo million for my honeymoon #10

Congrats on making 10 mo’.