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Sometimes the easiest way to get around NYC is the subway system.

Presented with the option of sitting on a team bus in 45 minutes of midtown Manhattan traffic — after already having a bus get caught in gridlock on the way to Madison Square Garden this morning — LeBron James and the Cavs chose to get their Jam on instead and travel like locals:

The MTA threw a slight shade at James for his publicity stunt.


Despite their apparent effort at staying incognito in hoodies, the players didn’t exactly blend in. Eagle-eyed straphangers who noticed them on the train right away waved and said hello. But a man seated next to James became irritated when James pointed the camera in selfie mode toward him, and shoved the camera away. James laughed it off.

LeBron James also admits it was his first time riding the New York City subway system and he was pleasantly surprised from his experience.

LeBron has always been critical on criticizing the Knicks, but he certainly loves being a tourist in New York City.