The Bay area OG Too $hort with his  Hella Disrespectful attitude while saluting the Bay Area on his latest mixtape which shows us the legendary Oakland MC can still convey his unchanging attitude over the new bouncing beats of the Bay Area signature sound.

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Packed with 22 songs, the Bay Area mixtape features a flavorful mix of collaborators, including E-40, G-Eazy, Mistah F.A.B., Mozzy, Bf the Pharaoh, IamSu!, Killa Fresh and many more.

$hort Dog sets the tone with a clear unapologetic statement:


“We hella disrespectful,” he says. “We do what the fuck we want, when the fuck we want, we don’t give a f*** what you say. That’s how it is in the Bay, baby. We hella motherf****n’ disrespectful, b****.

Just know, if your lady become’s one of his “Sidepieces,” he encourages you to go and “Get Yo Friends” if you feel slighted.

The tape ends with a shoutout to his collaborators, including Mistah F.A.B. “for putting this together.” Finally, he closes out with a  rather respectful message for the Bay Area. “We gotta stop that violence,” he says. “It’s too violent out here. Too many shootings. Too many robbings. Too many motherf******s trying to knock each other down for no good reason. You hella disrespectful, motherf.*****s.”

Up next, $hort is preparing to release his 20th album, The Pimp Tape (December 2017). It is rumored to be his final album, though several of his past projects, such as 1996s Gettin’ It (album number 1) carried the same rumors.

One thing remains true, Too $hort is a documented veteran MC. These days he has nothing to prove as his well established fan base is always willing to support the OG. We patiently await the Pimp Tape.