NBA 2K18 gamer and Reddit user, MarLuThaKang got together with a couple of his buddies and re-created Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” video as best as you could expect in NBA 2K18.

When 2K Sports first created the open world ‘The Neighborhood,’ many envision an open world NBA pickup game experience, not a legendary music video reincarnation. Thanks to the good folks at 2K sports and a little imagination, you can have both.



NBA 2K18: Thriller Edition from NBA2k

“[It] took a little over 30 minutes actually,” MarLuThaKang said. “I originally wanted to do one while wearing the “Smooth Criminal” shirt, but unfortunately Swags doesn’t have white fedoras.”

For those gamers unfamiliar with the game mode, ‘The Neighbourhood’ is a place where the creativity comes to life as it’s a place where anything and everything is possible, from shopping for shoes, to joining pickup games, to recreating Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller”.

MarLuThaKang has set the bar for what a little creativity in an open world sports game can look like. It wouldn’t be a shock to many ,if we got more videos by game users going forward. 2K games might want to reach out and thank MarLuThaKang  for opening up a new lane that they didn’t see.