Warren G’s forthcoming catering company, Sniffin Grffins BBQ, is about to be up-and-running and open for business to everyone — including President Donald Trump.

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The rapper appeared on Raq Rants to talk about his catering company and the host asked if he’d even cater to trump and he answered without hesitation, “hell yeah I’ll cater for his a**”.

She went out to ask if he wasn’t concerned about the repercussions that might come with doing business with the most controversial person of the year.


I ain’t no motherf**king sellout, sh*t. I’m a business man. A business man is a business man. I don’t give a f**k. Black, white, Japanese, Korean, whatever. A business man is a business man.

He also said that he has plans to open up businesses in the hood to provide more jobs for the people of the community. Warren has the right idea, but we don’t know how to people of the community will feel about him doing business with POTUS. Look at the backlash Steve Harvey and Kanye West received after just having a conversation with Trump. What are your thoughts?

Check out the clip here.


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