Now that JAY-Z is on tour, he is taking the opportunity to vocalize his views on social issues.

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This past Sunday, during the Miami stop of his 4:44 tour, Hov took out time to clarify the reason behind the NFL player protests. Patriotic radicals are under the impression the kneeling phenomenon started by Colin Kaepernick is an act of dishonor towards the United States flag and military.

With an understanding of how critics distorted Kaepernick’s intent behind the kneel, JAY-Z finds the act to be a call for justice.


When people are kneeling and putting their fist up, what they’re doing is not about the flag, it’s about justice, about injustice.

The “Bam” rapper does not limit this matter to the magnitude of races: “…and that’s not a black or white thing. It’s a human issue.”

Despite his belief on injustice in America being a “human issue,” Jay-Z does not forget about the community he reigns from, the Black community and its needs for thorough revival from the extremes of modern-day inequality.

…and Black people, in particular, we have to get our shit together. We gotta start bossing up. We gotta start working with each other.

JAY-Z supports his stance on NFL protests throughout his 4:44 tour by occasionally rocking Kaepernick jerseys and vocalizing his viewpoint on the subject of injustice-most recently in the case of Meek Mill.

Take a look at Jay-Z’s speech captured by TMZ, here.