White supremacist Dylann Roof—who target murdered 9 Black Christians yet was still not charged with terrorism—has been sentenced to death for his crime.

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It took two hours for the 12 jurors to come to their unanimous decision. If they all were unable to agree, a life sentence would have been automatically imposed.

Formal sentencing will be Wednesday morning, where families will have opportunity to speak openly in court. Roof has asked the judge to appoint a new defense team to file motion for retrial. South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott thanked jurors for their service in a statement posted to Twitter, and said Roof was “rightly sentenced to death.”


Melvin Graham, brother of slain churchgoer, Cyntha Hurd, said the sentence was “justice for my sister,” but was also a “very hollow victory because my sister’s still gone. I wish that this verdict could have brought her back,” according to ABC News. Roof’s defense team relayed in a statement. “We are sorry that, despite our best efforts, the legal proceedings have shed so little light on the reasons for this tragedy.”

When you walk into a church, regardless if it’s a black or white church, and your intentions are to kill multiple people, you deserve the death penalty.