Words by Shurida Lundi

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When the Chrisette Michele chose to sing at the inauguration of President Trump, she was dragged and kicked out of the Black community. In order to redeem herself, she released a single titled ‘Black Lives Matter’. In the song, she stresses that there should be love and kindness for everyone no matter their political view or race. For all of that, she should’ve just named it ‘All Lives Matter.’

Well, it seems that the Grammy award-winning singer is still not invited to the cookout. Black Twitter dragged her once again with the release of this single. The R&B singer became a trending topic, and not in a good way. She’s trying to win fans back and it’s just too little, too late.


Even though she has apologized for singing at the inauguration, I’m sorry just isn’t going to cut it. Chrisette has not been having a good year since her singing for the 45th. She has been dropped by her label, suffered a miscarriage, and has had suicidal thoughts.

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