And just like that, The Diplomats are back together. Gearing up to put on an epic performance alongside the A$AP Mob, and releasing new music and what not.

The New York group reunited for their new, soulful record “Once Upon a Time”. The Heatzmaker produced track appears to only have verses from Jim Jones and Cam’ron. Jimmy references different factors that influence the rap culture, meanwhile, Cam proves he’s still effortlessly clever with the rhymes.

Welcome back to the hallway loiterers/I made mills off the white girl, I exploited her/No disrespecting the ladies, word from my team (why)/That’s the reason Dame smacked Harvey Weinstein/On the set of Paid In Full, y’all gave him hell about it/Some foul shit happened once, Capo, tell ’em about it,” Cam spit.

We couldn’t help but notice Cam bring up disgraced Hollywood executive, Harvey Weinstein, claiming that Dame Dash slapped him on set of Paid in Full. That bar comes right after Cam says him and his clique don’t disrespect women.


Listen to the track above.