When Collin Kaepernick was named GQ’s Citizen of The Year, you knew there would be backlash on social media. Britt McHenry has already outed herself as one of them.

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The former ESPN reporter bashed GQ and Kaepenerick on Twitter on Monday, shortly after the magazine announced it would be honoring the polarizing quarterback.


This from a woman who was suspended from ESPN two years ago for treating people working in a garage like trash, making fun of the female attendant’s teeth, weight, education and saying she’s better than the clerk because, “I’m in the news, sweetheart.”

McHenry was one of 100 ESPN employees let go by the network in late April. The recognizable sports reporter later said she believed her conservative views had something to do with her firing.

Since being let go by ESPN, McHenry has frequently appeared as a guest on Fox News.

Colin Kaepernick became the symbol of a stand up guy by kneeling down to live his truth. He lost his job. McHenry is trying to become the symbol of white conservatism. Got to love America for its freedom of choices.