JDaGr8 is one of the hottest rappers on the rise coming to you from Houston, Texas. With a tough upbringing and experiencing real-life situations at a young age, JDaGr8 put everything into his dream of being a rapper and he is phenomenal at what he does. People have told him he sounds like a combination of Kevin Gates and Drake.

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JDaGr8 gained love for hip-hop through his father, who exposed him to legendary Death Row artists when he was a teenager. JDaGr8 is a huge fan of art and cartoons and remembers seeing Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle” cassette tape in his dad’s car. At that moment in time, he thought that music comes from cartoons which immediately sparked his passion and interest. JDaGr8 refers to this moment as a “double time” where he realized that art ties in together.

JDaGr8 was a troubled teenager and got his first felony at the age of 13. He dealt with struggles at a young age and came from a broken home. He started sharpening his writing and poetry skills in the 7th grade and began recording at that time; he was even selling mixtapes. Although he dropped out of high school, he full emerged himself in his passion and saw no limit to attain his music goals.


JDaGr8’s rap flow and deliverance have been compared to his all-time favorite artist Bizzy Bone from legendary rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. This was ironic because when JDaGr8 was 17 years old and going through a tough time in his life while homeless, he was ready to quit everything and said a prayer to God saying, “This is it. I’m ready to die. If you don’t give a sign in less than 24 hours I quit everything and throw my life away.” The very next morning, Bizzy Bone ended up checking in the hotel where he was staying. This was a huge moment for JDaGr8 because he took it as a major sign from God, considering his prayer the night before. Bizzy Bone ended up taking JDaGr8 under his wing and teaching him a lot while both of them stayed at the hotel. He became like a mentor and big brother figure to JDaGr8. They ended up doing two songs together and Bizzy Bone helped JDaGr8 sharpen his writing skills.

Despite JDaGr8’s troubles in his youth, he ended up being wrongfully accused and being in prison from 2008-2013 for something that he didn’t do. But he tried to turn a negative into a positive and ended up writing 20 albums while he was incarcerated. Since he got released in 2013, he has shared stages with Young Thug, Kevin Gates, French Montana, Trina, 2 Chainz, Bun B, T.I., Future, Kid Ink, Tory Lanez, Slim Thug, and Kirko Bangz.

JDaGr8 has goals of building relationships with artists. He would like to collaborate with Ty Dolla Sign, J. Cole, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, and PartyNextDoor. He really would like to meet Snoop Dogg because he ignited his music passion. JDaGr8 wants the people he works with to come organically and not forced.

At this moment, JDaGr8 is working on album “TillWeAllRich” and released his recent single “Pronto”. He got the record out to several DJs and everyone is already obsessing over it.

Be on a lookout for JDaGr8! He’s the next hottest rapper and his music is flames!