Master P has lived out the dreams of many folks during his legendary career. From basketball to music to Nickelodeon shows, P has done it all. So it comes as no surprise that the mogul tried to dip his hand in the thriving cannabis company. Unfortunately, the company he partnered with didn’t hold their end of the bargain and now they’re getting hit with a fat lawsuit.

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TMZ reports that Master P is suing Privateer Holdings for breaking a deal that was made last March. The No Limit boss the company was supposed to produce and distribute his Master P’s Trees weed brand in a one-year deal. On P’s end of the deal, he was supposed to cover half of production costs and promote the brand. The product was supposed to be on the streets by the time P performed at a festival, but it never happened because the company backed out that same month.

Now P is claiming that Privateer Holdings never wanted to work with him from the jump. They only wanted “an inside look into the urban and hip-hop demographic of cannabis users” to use for their own purposes. Now P wants the company to cough up $25 million for lost of profit and damages.