Lean and pill laced lyrics and visuals make Hip Hop look like a pharmaceutical giant as of lately, rather than music. “Gettin Up” plays in the background as Wiz Khalifa does “a little bit of thinking.” He shared his insight via Instagram.

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Making a point to denounce the double-cupped drink of choice. The Pittsburgh MC is an avid supporter of marijuana use. He is a connoisseur of sorts, while puffing a joint he felt compelled to speak on the new medication habit.

The Taylor Gang OG captioned his Instagram post with, “LEAN IS LAME,” before calmly delivering his message to all:


When a lot of people follow one trend or find themselves doing the same thing that everybody else is doing, you don’t really get somebody who speaks for the other side,” said the Rolling Papers MC.“So I’ma just go ahead and speak for the other side. Lean is lame. Not for the lean sippers. Don’t get in your feelings. It’s for the people that don’t fuck with that shit. Feel empowered. Know, lean is definitely lame.

While we encourage all our readers to eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water, we will not judge anyone. However we encourage all the lean sippers to study the facts and effects of the prescription cough syrup. Consequences of an overdose can be deadly. Hip Hop and the city of Houston lost an Underground King, in the legend Pimp C. His death was attributed in part “to promethazine/codeine effects” according to a Los Angeles County coroner’s report.

Originating in Houston, Texas, its a Southern “tea.” Lil Wayne brought pills and lean into the mainstream with songs like “I Feel Like Dying.” Now its cool to pop mollies and percocets, sip lean and rep the set. But Wiz doesn’t think so.


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