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Before he was typing text to a girl he used to see, sayin’ that he chose this cutie pie with whom he wants be. We were all jumping out the shower so fresh. Then stepping out, dressed: looking so clean (2X)….

Before linking up with Big Boi to form OutKast, unanimously becoming Hip Hop’s tag-team champions. Before they went on to decorate their belts with grammy gold including RIAA certifications.

Long before establishing his own  Benjamin Bixby [his men’s fashion line in 2008] ,  André Lauren Benjamin, better known as  André 3000, was growing up in Atlanta.



As a child he developed a unique interest prep fashions. Inspired by his older cousins who could easily resemble Carlton Banks in high school. 3Stacks prefers to call them “hood preps.”

“In Atlanta, hood prep was a take on WASP-y preppy style,” he explains, “but in the hood, they had to find a way to do it in their own way.” The Official Preppy Handbook served as a joke-slash-Bible to the preppy way of life, and in it, Swedish tennis shoe brand Tretorn was listed alongside Sperry Top-Siders and saddle shoes as the preppiest styles to wear.

André could probably be a practice partner for Serena Williams  on the tennis court. He reflects on the days of his childhood when he practiced his swing.

“I took tennis lessons when I was in the fourth grade, but I didn’t keep it up,” despite his nonchalant attitude toward tennis, André says was always close to the game. “My best friend whose name is André, his dad was a French tennis instructor, so I was around it all my life—I never got into tennis, only from a style standpoint.”

30 years later, Andre remains true to the pages of  The Official Preppy Handbook.

We already told you about his ‘Candy Cane’ shoe  which highlights his,“I André Benjamin will not draw in class,” collection. Lauanched in collaboration with Tretorn, the collection champions 50 years of the brand.

Keep your eyes peeled for more style news regarding Mr 3000. Make sure you cop the Candy Cane’s for the holidays.