We are seeing the greatness of Kyrie Irving and the birth of an all-time great at the same time that we are seeing a slight chink in the LeBron James empire that has spanned the last seven finals.

He explicitly told everyone that when he left Cleveland after making it to three-straight NBA Finals playing alongside LeBron James that he wants to be in an environment, “that’s conducive to my potential. Be happy with a group of individuals that I can grow with.”

Irving didn’t just change teams this summer. He changed his jersey number, he changed his diet, and now he’s trying to change his reputation. Each alteration provides fuel for a player motivated to prove he made the right decision to gamble on himself.

Fast forward a month into the season, Irving and the Celtics have the best record in the league at 15-2. Boston is riding a 15 game winning streak,  and even Steph Curry is buying into the Celtics hype.

Even if the Celtics aren’t quite a title contender yet, what’s become clear over the past month is that they’re set to spend the next few years building one with as solid of a foundation as any team in the NBA. Their organizational infrastructure is in a class with the Spurs and Warriors, and that might be it.

Going forward, there will be more lottery picks and more trade rumors. Brad Stevens will win Coach of the Year. Kyrie could become a full–blown MVP candidate, Tatum will continue to shine, and Hayward will return eventually. Even when this winning streak ends, Boston won’t be fading anytime soon.