They just won’t leave Nelly alone.

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Criticism has once again been the topic of conversation when discussing the pioneer of St. Louis Hip Hop and this time it’s on an international scale.

According to media reports, a negative undertone is brewing with Nelly’s appearance in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia alongside Cheb Khaled on December 14th, which is reportedly a male-only show.


Because of the alleged rape last month that Nelly was totally cleared of, controversy is looming around his appearance in the conservative, Islamic country after such a serious accusation, even though he was never charged with a crime.

Since the police are choosing to continue their investigation despite the fact that the female accuser does not want to press charges even after allegedly being forced to perform oral sex on the “Hot In Here” rapper, Saudi Arabians are not taking those allegations with a grain of salt.

Nelly has not commented on whether or not the show in Saudi Arabia will go on.