The heartbreaking and disturbing news about 16 year-old sex traffick victim Cyntoia Brown has gone viral. Just to back track; Brown was being sex- trafficked by a pimp named ‘Cut Throat’. After being drugged and raped repeatedly by different men, she was then sold to a 43 year-old child predator.  Eventually, Cyntoia found the courage and strength to fight back, resulting in her killing him. What should have been an happy ending turned out to be an even worse nightmare for the victim.

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Cyntoia Brown was tried and convicted as an adult and sentenced to life in prison.

As most of us share the same thoughts and views on this case, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian felt the need to express their feelings on the matter publicly as well as offering any help possible.


Rihanna posted a picture of Cyntoia along with the caption:

Kim K also shared a tweet in response to the unjust verdict:

This situation is unfortunate and unjust. We hope that everyone continues to speak out and support Cyntoia Brown through this difficult time.