50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson, has been accused of stealing a song from New Jersey artist, Pineapple Citi. The Newark native, born Brittany Dickinson, released, “Rose Colored”, late in 2016. Following the release, she was contacted by long time G-Unit engineer, Ky Miller, who expressed his admiration for the song and asked the up and coming artist to send it to him.

“In the email, I wrote exclusive rights to and owned by Brittany Dickinson, a.k.a. Pineapple Citi,” exclaimed the Rose Colored artist.

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Earlier this year, Dickinson was also acknowledged by G-Unit artist, Kidd Kidd, through an Instagram post.


Following the release of 50 Central, Dickinson was made aware of the theme song. After constantly contacting a Ky Miller and 50, Dickinson was blocked by the Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ rapper on Instagram.

Dickinson says a resolution can simply transpire from a phone call. She has utilized the support of social media and her fans in an attempt to come to a reasonable conclusion of this issue.

 The sketch comedy show has not lived up to the hype of Jackson’s previous television contributions. It looks as if the down ward trend may continue, due to these accusations. “I don’t know 50, but I’ve never known a quiet 50 Cent,” says 25-year-old rapper.

Jackson, 42, does not have a history of backing down or running from anyone. His response to this matter has not been timely at all. As of now, there has yet to be any denial of these allegation from G-Unit or the rapper himself.

Check out both songs below.

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