Competition is intensified amongst the women of Hip Hop. Femcee and newly dubbed talk show host Eve reminisced on her early days when an unnamed female rapper tried to upstage her at an early concert.

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“Coming up in this business, it’s obviously very competitive,” she said on The Talk. “I had like two songs out, my first two songs and of course, I’m excited.”

The Ruff Ryders First Lady represented her team well.  Her debut album, Let There Be Eve…Ruff Ryders’ First Lady sold 213,000 units in the first week. With over 2 million records sold, now certified double platinum. In 1999, you could find the original “Blondie” in the hood, or at clubs, with her people.


“When you come out in Hip-Hop you do club rounds,” she told her co-hosts. “So I was doing all the club rounds and I happened to be in Chicago and the promoter at the time called, [saying] ‘Hey, one of your friends wants tickets to the show.’”

However, Eve didn’t know her. “I said, ‘please don’t give her tickets to the show’ because I knew something would happen,” she continued.

The promoter still gave the woman access. He said he had to give her tickets because she was “bigger than” Eve. Further stating a need to maintain his business interest in this woman. Faced with no options, Eve relented. Wrong rookie move. The woman showed up, stood on the balcony behind the stage and attempted to draw attention away from Eve. The Ruff Ryders’ underdog says she felt like crying and fighting. Maintaining her “pitbull in a skirt” demeanor,  she challenged the woman to a rap battle.

She declined, now Eve get’s the last bite.

“God bless her but I’m probably much happier in my life than she is in hers,” she said.

As a Hip Hop veteran, Eve was able to seamlessly transition into television. A resume decorated with movies sitcoms. Now she opening up shop on the screen. Eve had this to say about her new job:

“I hope that I can bring my personality, my opinion when it comes to different things,” Also highlighting life at home. “I think the fact that I live in London, and the fact that I’m also in an interracial relationship, the fact that I’m a step-mom — I’m hoping that I can bring my personal life, things that are in my personal life into the group.”