In a new interview with Variety, Kendrick Lamar journeys through a Q&A that is centered around his most direct thoughts and emotions.

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When asked about his favorite movie, the Compton rapper appoints the Jordan Peele Oscar contender, Get Out.  “It’s a great movie. It’s entertaining,” says Kendrick. He connects his likening to the film with its demonstration of the reality of racism:

“Someone who knows about culture, and knows about oppression, knows about where we come from and how far we need to go…you’ll be aware and interested just as much as I am….”

The DAMN rapper continues to reveal more of his dearest thoughts as he talks about the foundation of his Tupac inspiration. “…just the simple way of how he put his words together. You really felt his passion behind him,” Lamar describes the legend. Pac’s All Eyez on Me album is one the Compton rapper frequently rotates.


On the topic of desired collaborations, Lamar told Variety he wishes to one day work with Anita Baker and Sade. He describes Baker’s ability to “just touch the soul” and Sade’s timeless sound. Kendrick recalls the two soul singers due to his own mother constantly playing their records in his home growing up. He is not only open to just a music collab, but a simple conversation will also do the Grammy award-winning rapper, just fine.

“It don’t even gotta be just the music. Just to see what inspired this type of individual to create what they did, in the time that they did.”

For the sake of adding on to his longevity, shall a collab like this occur, Kendrick will be noted for moving modern-day hip-hop in a direction that will aid in the restoration of its potency and respect.

Watch Kendrick Lamar’s interview with Variety, below.

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