For the past decade or so, the argument about the creative influence and overall recognition of the pioneers of Hip Hop being overlooked by the millenials has done nothing more than gain steam. The younger generation claims that they were abandoned by the pioneers, so if the music isn’t up to par, it’s the fault of their elders. Meanwhile, the Golden Era terrors are screaming that the 21st century music is wack because the young failed to pay homage to their predecessors, thus, it’s evident in their music. This sentiment isn’t just among rappers or Hip Hop artists, basketball star Lonzo Ball claiming Future and Migos are “real” Hip Hop, while Nas is “outdated”.

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This year, the biggest public argument has been between Golden Era producing pioneer Pete Rock and new millennium trap star Waka Flocka Flame. The “O Let’s Do It” rapper bombed first, alleging that the old school didn’t take control of the game and let the labels take the music from the artists.


The Chocolate Boy Wonda didn’t take long to take a stand for his generation, responding via Instagram to the 31 year old ATL rapper saying that the new generation makes drug user music while the Golden Era made drug dealer music(as if either is better) and it shows.

The general public has been mixed in their feelings, with some siding with the Mount Vernon born and bred production genius, while a slightly larger majority suggested that Pete Rock let Waka and the Soundcloud generation of rappers do their thing.

Who do you think is right? The teacher or the student?