Fresh off the release of his debut mixtape Fur Coat Vol. 1, Safaree stopped by at The Source to talk about his project that only took him one week to complete. The 14-track tape allows the Love and Hop Hop star the opportunity to showcase his talents as an artist. His energetic music video for the record “Sheesh” is out now, in addition to the visuals for the song “Let Em Have It”, which is one of the most notable songs on the mixtape.

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“Let Em Have It” is track no. 2, following DJ Self’s intro. The haunting beat is paired with swift rhymes and punchlines. “Somebody tell Nicki that I miss her. Why you let that dirty n-word kiss ya,” SB spit over the eerie beat. I asked him if he genuinely missed ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj, or was he just trolling as apart of  his mixtape marketing tool. “I just feel like if it ain’t me then you know,” Safaree answered before laughing out loud. He continued:

I don’t need a marketing tool. It’s not like I’m not out here. I have a platform. People are seeing me. I’m on 5 TV shows, I don’t need to use anybody for any kind of promo or nothing like that. When I said it, I really was saying it from a genuine place. Just as a person and as a friend. It doesn’t have to be all this division and hostility. Its over it, its been a while. We don’t have to be best friends but we could [apologize] and keep it moving.

Elsewhere in the interview, Safaree revealed that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) contacted him to educate him on how fur coats are manufactured, since he is the self proclaimed Fur God. He is open to meeting with the organization but he never mentioned when. He’s not ready to hang the fur up on the coat rack just yet.


After the interview the “NFL” rapper played a round of Complete That Sentence and named his favorite television show, his first celebrity crush, and the best “Motorsport” verse. Check out the full round of Complete That Sentence above, and stay tuned for the visual interview.