Donald Trump has been very active attacking sports figures in 2017. Notice he hasn’t gone after one person in particular yet? That would be LeBron James.

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After Trump entered the U.S. presidential race in June 2015, campaigning with rhetoric that many in communities of color found to be divisive, NBA teams were among the first to discontinue their relationships with Trump hotels. King James led that charge when he was the first to pull out from staying at a Trump hotel.


Trump has always come of as a bully, but what happens when the bully gets punked? It’s one thing to go after LaVar Ball or Marshawn Lynch, but why no words for James? After all, he did call him a “bum”.

Maybe it’s because James is America’s most beloved athlete and he has a better grasp of social media. Maybe it’s the fact that James conducts himself at a level of professionalism and humanitarian, things we should demand from our president. Whatever the case may be,  Trump doesn’t want to bark up that tree with the James.

Usually, when someone is costing you money, you address that person and the issue. Time will tell if Trump ever calls James out on Twitter. If he ever does, expect a nuclear Twitter battle that will get super ugly.