Miguel re-connected with J. Cole for his year old track, “Come Through and Chill”.

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Miguel sings over the groovy track: Hello, stranger / It’s been a minute since we last kicked it / By the way, I just got in town / And I won’t let cumulus clouds all in the sky ruin my vibe / Usually, I don’t do this often / But since we’re coolin’, is it an option?

Cole came through with the same offer for to link up with his own lady friend. But he didn’t miss the opportunity to address more important issues. He rapped: Know you’ve been on my mind like Kaepernick kneelin’ / Or police killings, or Trump sayin’ slick shit / Manipulatin’ poor white folks because they ignant / Blind to the struggles of the ones that got the pigment / Lately I’ve been stressin’ ’cause it seems so malignant.


The vibe between Miguel and Cole is so magical, and the singer knows it himself. The two collaborated in his breakthrough single “All I Want Is You”, and again on “Power Trip” off Cole’s Born Sinner. The LA crooner was excited to collaborate with Jermaine again and called him “exceptional” in a Beats 1 interview.

He’s good energy. I think that’s one of things that as fans of music, we really care when someone can capture our energy and take what they’re feeling and translate it. He’s always been exceptional at that. And so when he comes on, as like you said, when I first heard his verse too, I was like see. And then what he’s saying is just spot on. I think that’s what it is. Beyond music, I fuck with Cole, he’s fucking with me. We’re friends on the outside of this. Yeah. It’s an honor to have him as a friend, not only in music, but in general.

“Come Through and Chill” is set to be featured on Miguel’s forthcoming album, War & Leisure. There’s another unnamed feature on the album. Hopefully it’ll be as exciting as a J. Cole feature. Check out the full track above.