It’s been a quiet few months for Frank Ocean. The singer/songwriter who just celebrated turning 30 years old, teased new music from an album he has allegedly put on ice.

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In true Frank Ocean fashion, the singer took to his tumblr to release an unapologetic message that fans couldn’t help but gush over.


“Well I️ made the album before 30. I just ain’t put that b*tch out!” Ocean stated. Adding it was from “an interview I haven’t given.”

The album would be following his previous releases Nostalgia: UltraChannel OrangeBlonde and Endless. 

For the past few years, metaphorically speaking, Frank Ocean has released albums every blue moon. However, the slow trickle of music has started to become a steady one, leaving fans with just enough music over a span of a few years.

It’s likely that this may be the last that we hear of the album for a little while, but nonetheless it’s satisfying to know it’s tucked away in Frank’s possession quietly waiting to be set free.

An album filled with ballads would be just what we needed for oncoming winter season but it’s no guarantee we’ll receive it.

Are you anticipating a new album from Frank Ocean?