It’s been a little over a year since Haiti was struck by Hurricane Matthew which left Haiti in total devastation forcing many residents to start over with nothing.

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The storm’s raging winds lifted houses from their roots, leaving barren lands without a place to hide. Since the disaster, nearly 900 deaths have been recorded and almost 90% of the peninsula’s south was destroyed. This storm caused apocalyptic destruction taking away multiple schools and devastating 1.2 million Haitian residents.

Photographer Ricardo Andre who was born and raised in Port Au Prince, Haiti raised funds through his GoFundMe page and immediately flew to Haiti to aid thousands in need. He collaborated with the Naji Foundation to help build houses and to bring food and medicine to victims of the storm. Ricardo is currently pursuing his goal of bringing an outlet for the arts to Haiti. Full of natural skill and talent the people of Haiti yearn for an outlet to release their creativity. He aims to teach photography and send American teachers to teach the youth music and art. With the help of his GoFundMe campaign, along with friends, family, and clients, Ricardo is in the process of building a recreational facility which will host these classes.


Documenting along the process of his relief efforts, Ricardo captured the angst, pain, happiness and power of the people in Haiti through his touching images below.