Miami Broward One Carnival 2017 pulled out all the stops this year following the devastating hurricanes that invaded the East Coast to host one of the most memorable carnivals ever!  

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Ready to enjoy all that Miami has to offer, carnival enthusiasts traveled from far and beyond to dance in the sunshine while donning their best carnival threads.

The costumes were bigger and brighter than ever, the music was ‘wicked’ and the energy was electric.  Between onlookers, massive bands and masqueraders—the streets were flooded with culture from each and every island bringing the vibes of the Caribbean to Downtown Miami.
J’ouvert Experience was the place to be this year! Full of vibes, colors and excitement, everyone represented with their flags and a unified vibe while the bands trucks all jammed with their tunes. Blue Paint Frontliners and dancers whined alongside their respective bands while food and drink runners kept the party going. The consensus was unanimous this year, Miami Broward is on the top of the lists of best carnivals!


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photos courtesy of Lotta Shots Photography


Here are the results from the 2017 competitions:

2017 BAND OF THE YEAR: Big & Strong Inc./One Island Band, “Namaste:  Mind, Body, Soul”

2017 PANORAMA CHAMPIONS: Sticks ‘N’ Tones, playing “Full Extreme” by Ultimate Rejects.

2017 QUEEN OF CARNIVAL: Nicole Curry-Coffee, “Queen Noor Protector of the Night” (D-Junction Mas)

2017 KING OF CARNIVAL: Earl Beckles, “The Carnival Jumbie in Me” (Generation-X)

2017 ROAD MARCH:  “Full Extreme” by Ultimate Rejects, feat. MX Prime

2017 JUNIOR CARNIVAL BAND OF THE YEAR: Heritage TNT, “Hello Africa”

2017 JUNIOR CARNIVAL QUEEN: Jazmeen De Gannes, “The Face of Africa” (Heritage TNT)

2017 JUNIOR CARNIVAL KING: Jaden Chan Tack, “King Shaka Zulu” (Heritage TNT)


2017 JUNIOR PAN SOLOIST: Kobie Alleyne, “Turn Me On”

2017 FEMALE INDIVIDUAL OF THE YEAR: Janice Stone, “Kalejayi” (Party Room Squad)

2017 MALE INDIVIDUAL OF THE YEAR: Bob Kunst, “Pan in Harmony” (Major Players)

2017 JUNIOR FEMALE INDIVIDUAL OF THE YEAR: Kyalah Buddington, “Icecream, Cotton Candy and Cake” (Natural Disasters)

2017 JUNIOR MALE INDIVIDUAL OF THE YEAR: Nicholas Shand, “DJ Nico” (Gen-X Kids)

2017 BEST LOCAL DJ:  True Heart (Generation-X)


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