It’s been nearly three years since Nipsey Hussle released his Mailbox Money EP with a price tag of $1000 for physical copies under his Proud2Pay campaign. Prior to Mailbox Money, Nipsey spearheaded his Proud2Pay campaign with the release of Crenshaw, in which Jay-Z purchased 100 copies of this $100 EP making everyone who didn’t know who Nipsey Hussle was have to sit down and figure it out.

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Despite rather expensive price tags for a body of work that most artists only charge $10 for, Nipsey’s direct-to consumer strategy still involved releasing the digital versions of the music for free.

In the early parts of his career, Nipsey was once signed to Epic Records before parting ways to found his very own All Money In Label in which his projects The Marathon, The Marathon Continues, Crenshaw, and Mailbox Money were all released under. All Money In represented independence in all aspects as Nipsey Hussle built his brand with grassroots marketing and entrepreneurial strategy that had yet to be honed by industry veterans who have been around for 20 years or more.


Now, on the final stretch upon the release of his debut album, Victory Lap, Nipsey Hussle and Atlantic Records have announced their new partnership. Nipsey took to Instagram today posting a letter to his fans with minor details involving the unprecedented strategic partnership that will benefit the overall impact of All Money In music releases through next level marketing, exposure, reach, access, and essential resources.

In addition, Nipsey confirmed the completion of Victory Lap with it’s first single titled ‘Rap Niggas’ to be released on Friday, December 1st.

Although the specifics of the All Money In and Atlantic Records partnership have not been released, it is known to be a multi-album arrangement beginning with Victory Lap. Congrats to Nipsey Hussle on another major milestone in music and entrepreneurship, alike.

In case you missed it, you can stream Nipsey’s newly released joint mixtape titled ‘No Pressure’ featuring Bino Rideaux here. A nice Black Friday gift to hold you over until Victory Lap arrives.