Living legend and one-fourth of the infamous A Tribe Called Quest member Q-Tip has a bone to pick with the Grammys and a few nominees.

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In a post on Instagram, Tip blasts the Grammys for their exclusion of ATCQ’s final album We Got It From Here Thank You For Your Service, which was one the biggest albums of 2016 and holstered a number of guest appearances including Anderson Paak, Busta Rhymes, Kendrick Lamar and Andre 3000.

“I don’t give a f*ck respect to everyone who was nominated or whatever but f*ck that, I’m speaking for mine,” Q-Tip said. “I’m sick of you f*cking Grammy niggas, you bug us to get out there and perform last year and close your shit and you don’t give us no f*cking nominations- 9th [Wonder] what happened?”


But Tip didn’t stop there, in the 3-part overdue rant, Tip also notes that this year’s diversity in the top nominees and the fact that there are no white men nominated for Album of the Year is not enough because albums that really rep the culture are still being left out.

“Y’all think it’s a caveat because a white man wasn’t nominated in no major categories and shit? We were the most black cultured group out. That’s all we stood on.  That’s what we represented. This f—ing album that we just put out, this last Tribe album, it stands with everybody’s shit that’s up there. I don’t give a f—.”

Check out Tip’s points below.

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