Sir Elton John, a legendary British Popular music icon, has reportedly locked in a deal to remake his 1994 smashing hit classics “Circle Of Life” and “Can You Feel The Love Tonight,” for the 2019 Jon Favreau directed make of The Lion King. Both classics were on the soundtrack of the movie’s original 1994 make.

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According to anonymous insiders, the licensing deal’s worth stands at a $4 million minimum and is expected to increase after the commission earnings from DVD sales and streaming come into play, along with ticket sales from stage productions.

Reigning Pop Queen phenom, Beyoncé, who will star in the 2019 Lion King release as Nala, just might be the one who takes on the job of being the vocals behind the remake of the legendary Elton John harmonies.


An exclusive source from L.A. reveals to Daily News: “The songs will be thread into the storyline. It is unthinkable when you have Beyoncé involved not to have her sing some of those iconic hits.” The source continues to say, “..and that means huge sales to a new generation. The deal is a huge one and will earn him millions at many stages. Obviously he will get a one off licensing deal followed by a cut in royalties from all aspects of the work.”

Not only will Beyoncé doing a cover on the classics secure a bag for Elton, but Beyoncé’s legacy as a pop icon will heighten in prestige and drop her a generous bag, as well. So far, the Queen Bee has not acknowledged or confirmed the deal, but the hopes for such a thing to occur are pretty high now.

The modified version of “Circle of Life” and “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” is set for release in 2019, most likely trailing behind the film’s release.