One of the most animated members of G.O.O.D. Music, Desiigner, recently sat down to discuss his career, new project and his opinion on the evolution of Hip-Hop.

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During the interview with Montreality, Desiigner reveals that although he is seemingly the poster child for black boy joy, he has his moments when he’s not always happy.

“People see me and they automatically assume I’m this happy person and I am, but I’m not perfect. I ain’t gon’ lie Desiigner makes mistakes too, not saying I am always right and positive; I have my negative moments too but just being able to know that I’m happy and I’m able to live and that I can always smile and share this energy with everyone else is really what happiness means to me.”


The “Panda” rapper also gave his take on the evolution of Hip-Hop and where he feels the culture is headed.

“Everything elevates, I don’t get how some of the older people talking all that mumble rap, it’s corny. It’s elevation in music, I think we should put the sounds together, the old funk and the new funk together and make it crazy. I appreciate Kendrick [Lamar] showing motivation and giving that thumbs up to the youth and seeing us grow.”

Desiigner also took a moment to give an update on his mentor and head honcho of G.O.O.D music, Kanye West, stating that Ye was “doing well” and revealed that anew project is on the way.

“Kanye is doing great man, he’s staying focused. You know he’s a busy man, he got the art going on, he got the album and also he got the label and then first and foremost he has a family. He’s coming up, the album is about to be crazy, we working man GOOD Music baby.”

Check out the interview below: