Words by Megan A.

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The nominations for the 2018 Grammys was announced yesterday and a lot of people were happy to hear who the lucky nominees are. However, one person is very upset over a Grammys snub, and rightfully so.

A Tribe Called Quest’s founding member Q-Tip took to his Instagram and in a series of videos blasted The Grammys for the oversight of the legendary rap group’s last (and final) album, We got it from here … Thank You 4 Your Service. In the videos, Tip makes mention of this being the first year in Grammy history that no white male artists were nominated in the Artist of the Year category. A topic that seems unimportant to him.


Yall think it’s some sort of caveat because this is the first time that no white man is ever nominated in no major categories and sh*t,” Q-Tip started. “We were the most black cultured group out. That’s all we stood on. That’s what we represented. This f*cking album that we just put out – this last Tribe album- it stands with everybody else’s shit that’s up there. I don’t give a f*ck.

Although Tip gave props to those who were nominated for the prestigious award, but not letting the Grammys committee go without a final tongue lashing.

Respect to everybody who’s nominated and all that, but whatever, I’m speaking for mine. Sick of y’all Grammy f*cking n*ggas. F*ckin’ get us to get out there and f*cking perform last year and close that sh*t, and y’all don’t get us no f*cking nominations?

Tip also called out the Recording Academy for snubbing artists such as, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, and Jimi Hendrix in the rants below. “Y’all don’t even f*ckin’ give Bob Marley a f*ckin’ Grammy. Marvin only got f*ckin’ one. Jimi ain’t got none and sh*t.

During the recording of We got it from here … Thank You 4 Your Services, Phife Dawg passed away due to complications from diabetes. The remaining members of the rap group went on an extensive music tour, which ended in Colorado—marking their final show in the US. The album was released in November 2016.


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