In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Cam’ron sat down with Angela Yee and Charlamagne to tell his side about the recent battle between him and his former brother in rhyme, Mase.

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Cam doesn’t consider any song where he refers to his times with Mase as a “diss.” As a matter a fact, he considers tracks of that nature as being “stories,” being that he is rapping about real life experiences. “I never dissed Mase. I’m telling you stories about real life situations,” says Cam’ron.

The Harlem rapper reveals even though he would’ve responded to Mase’s “The Oracle” without compensation due to his competitive nature, but he wanted to turn the pending response into a business matter. Through his deal with YouTube, Cam’ron was paid $70,000 to publish his response track, “Dinner Time,” which was an advance.


I was on tour. I was in Texas. So at the end of the day, I found a studio, knocked it out, never mixed it, called up my friends, got 70 thousand, and put it out. Would’ve done it for free. I don’t mind. I’m a competitor.

Cam’ron also opens up about the breakup of his 10-year relationship with Juju, who is one of the newest cast members of the hit reality show, Love and Hip Hop New York. According to Killa Cam, the breakup was a mutual decision. “It was just like kinda mutual you know. For me, it just wasn’t fun anymore.”

He expresses how he was helping Juju promote her brand by marketing her on social media, Instagram in particular, by sharing photos of her on his own Instagram page, but the cons that come with the platform started to kill the relish of their relationship.

When Instagram came out, it was fun in the beginning. Then it started getting serious. ‘Why you following her?’, or ‘You like that person’s picture’, or ‘people are saying this,’ and I’m like ‘yo, you gotta be my best friend still.’

Cam’ron plans releasing more “stories” about him and Mase, despite the fact that their relationship is still not on good terms.

I’m not doing fiction. I’m not gonna say you fucked your sister and all that. I’m just gonna keep saying shit you know is true.

Watch Cam’ron’s full interview with The Breakfast Club, below.