Some artists are blessed with the gift of music; some come upon it later in life. Vicci Flame is one of few artists who is simply born with raw talent, and when you hear his music, it all just makes sense. Flame recalls beginning his musical career at age 16 years old, which quickly became a truly pivotal time in his life. The singer would come up with beats in his head, and he knew that it wasn’t just a coincidence. When the time came to make a choice to buy his own car or studio equipment, he made a necessary decision in order to advance his career. This alone showcases his maturity as an artist, and willingness to take any risk to be successful. Vicci Flame’s path was laid out in front of him, and there was no denying that this journey toward greatness was pre-destined.

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If his evident maturity wasn’t impressive enough, Vicci Flame is completely self-taught when it comes to making music. That’s right- everything he has mastered, from writing lyrics to producing his own music, he has learned how to do all on his own. “I learned how to produce and mix from that point on. I taught myself how to do a lot in the industry, which is something that makes me who I am,” said Vicci Flame. This rings true, as there aren’t many artists out there like Vicci Flame. When it comes to making music, the artist is focused on many aspects, but always finds himself honing in on one thing. He repurposes hip-hop and RnB in a way that makes him stand out from the rest. In his words, Vicci Flame’s music is “everything that hip-hop and RnB should be.” And, after listening to his music, you’ll quickly agree with this. It’s safe to say Vicci’s flame isn’t being extinguished any time soon.

On the topic of fire, the artist is fresh off the release of his newest single “We Already Did”. When coming up with the concept of the song, the rapper’s friend asked him a question, and he immediately thought of the song title. “I’ve already done a lot of what people are just now doing. I am not new to the game. I’m kind of like the OG that’s been quiet for some time,” said the artist. Since arriving on the music scene, Vicci Flame has produced for hundreds of major artists in the industry. In fact, he is the mastermind behind a number of hit records that are climbing the charts right now. After watching so many others in the studio, he took matters into his own hands and decided to do it himself. This is partly what makes the rapper so versatile and outstanding, and also adds to his ability to fearlessly take risks. Instead of sitting back while watching other artists work, he takes the initiative in perfecting his own craft. Equally noteworthy, his ever-growing fan base is a true reflection of this. Let’s put it this way- when you think of hard work, you think of Vicci Flame.


Over the course of a year, he has recorded more than 100 songs. While this alone seems tiring for some, it is the complete opposite for Vicci Flame. He is never afraid to put in the work where it’s necessary, and his music is a true representation of this. Adding to this, Vicci Flame is putting his energy into releasing these unheard songs for a simple reason: they need to be heard. This effort and enthusiasm he puts into his music makes his artistry incomparably unique. The rapper just released an EP with six original songs titled “Good Energy” in order for people to become familiar with his sound. “I try to put out what people give me. People don’t have to like you, and they certainly don’t have to like your music. I’m focused on putting out good energy because it always ends up coming back,” said Vicci Flame. He also has a special message to fellow up-and-coming artists: “To any artist that believes in themselves, I encourage them to follow their dreams no matter where it takes them. You can live with yourself if you really follow your dream.” As Vicci Flame has followed his dream since he was 16, he has been greeted with overwhelmingly deserving success. This one of a kind artist will definitely make it far in this industry, as he continues to shine his light and positivity wherever he can.