This week has been filled with a ton of good news for all the fans apart of Nipsey Hussle’s Marathon movement. Beginning with him taking to Instagram to announce the completion of the Victory Lap album and much gratitude to his fans and their patience on the journey towards the album’s completion. He then went on to confirm his new strategic partnership with Atlantic Records and the All Money In label for his exclusive debut of the Victory Lap album.

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Throughout the duration of the week, began a “time until” countdown in which fans did eventually found out that such countdown was in regard to the release of Nipsey’s new song “Rap N*ggas”, the first single from the Victory Lap album released at 9pm PST on Thursday [November 30] night.

Last but definitely not least, Nipsey confirmed the official release date for Victory Lap expected on February 16th in correlation with All Star Weekend 2018 in Los Angeles. Although the race is far from over the celebratory circuit has begun.


You can stream Nipsey’s new single ‘Rap Niggashere. Wishing a plethora of more wins for Nipsey in the new year as the marathon continues.