Imagine New York City with a subway system that didn’t run around the clock?

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The experts at the Regional Plan Association believe that removing the 24/7 system will help to build a reliable transit system for the growing metropolitan area.

“We think that the days of the 24/7 subway system in New York are coming to an end,” RPA president Tom Wright told reporters of the controversial idea. “With overnight weekday ridership averaging 85,000 passengers, keeping trains running “doesn’t make sense,” Wright added.


RPA officials believe that shuttle buses can be used in substitution of a 24/7 running subway system, to handle the thousands of overnight commuters. The RPA have about 60 more ideas for their grand plan including:

  • Raise money through new taxes, like charging drivers to enter Manhattan’s business center, tolling major roads and highways, adopting a cap-and-trade program for emissions, and a tax based on vehicle-miles traveled. Build dense housing near transit stops throughout the region.
  • Extend subway lines around the city and build out overcrowded stations.
  • Create a regional rail network that allows trains to flow unimpeded through the tristate area, such as building a new facility south of Penn Station that could allow rail to bring travelers between Long Island and New Jersey without switching trains.

This is certainly going to spur intense dialogue among working New Yorkers who do have to travel overnight, instead of hanging out enjoying a cocktail.

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