Words by Nick Slay

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In the wake of the shocking bombshells of sexual misconduct occurring in enterainment, Terry Crews believes that some people in the industry are merely getting a slap on the wrist.

The nation was taken back when funny man actor of Brooklyn 99 shared his testimony that even male actors can be the victims of sexual misconduct on ABC’s Good Morning America. Interviewed by show co-host Michael Strahan, the actor went into intimate detail of how he was sexually groped at a Hollywood industry party.


Adam Venit known around town as the big shot agent of acts like Adam Sandler, was described as groping Crews’ genitals without provocation during the evening. As the story goes the agent who works for William Morris Endeavor crossed the line and while details remain sketchy, critics argue over was it just aggressive foreplay or full blown sexual assault. Either way the whole thing was seen by Crews’ wife who corroborated the story.

Crews had this to say as a comment on Twitter: “Jumping back I said What are you doing?! My wife saw everything n we looked at him like he was crazy. He just grinned like a jerk.”

Even WME declined to fully comment, Venit was suspended without pay for only a month. As compared to other accused media personalities such as Matt Lauer who was recently fired from NBC for his alleged actions at the Olympics and at 40 Rock, Venit’s punishment pales in comparison. Terry Crews even went as far as how harshly Mel Gibson was punished for his anti-semetic remarks and there was a letter published in the Huffington post that recommended Gibson be blackballed by the industry.

Crews re-purposed the letter filling in Gibson for Venit’s name and replaced anti-semitism for sexual misconduct and was met with a surprising reaction when he submitted it to Ari Emmanuel. As seen here: “Copy of the actual @HuffPost letter I gave @AriEmanuel in which he DEMANDED Mel Gibson be blacklisted for anti-Semitic remarks. I exchanged Adam Venit for Mel, and sexual assault for anti-Semitic. [Emmanuel] said ‘it’s different’ and handed the letter back to me.”