Master P is casting for the sequel of the 1998 film I Got the Hook Up. He’s is giving an opportunity for unknown talent to star in the film.

TMZ reports that P will reprise his role in the movie, except with updated technology. His son Romeo is also set to star in the flick, as well as serve as the co-producer alongside his father.

P took to Instagram to announce that he’s hosting an open casting call to fill big roles, as well as small ones.

Apparently Master P is on his phone a lot, and enjoys funny viral videos as much as we do. He believes there’s a lot of hidden talent on social media, and wants to give folks their big break.

Aside from modern technology, another thing that will change in the sequel is the distributor. I Got the Hook Up was originally distributed by Dimension, which is owned by Bob Weinstein, and we all know what people in Hollywood think when you mention that name. Master P hasn’t decided on a distributor, but he’s certain Dimension won’t be an option.