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Through the first 810 games of his career, Kevin Durant was ejected just twice. Through the first 18 games of this season, he’s been booted off the floor three times. Last night brought us the latest incident, in which Durant got into it with Boogie Cousins during the final minutes of the game, earning himself a second tech and an ejection.

Boogie and KD had been jawing back and forth all night. But things reached a boiling point in the fourth quarter with the Pelicans down eight. Here, it looks like Cousins nearly head butts Durant.

It’s possible Durant and Cousins could be assessed $25,000 fines for failing to leave the court in a timely manner, but we’ll have to wait and see what the league chooses to do. For anyone keeping count, this is the second time in three days that Durant has been ejected. He was tossed from Friday’s win over the Magic for arguing a call.


Kevin Durant may need to start coming up with a conscious effort to prevent himself from having outbursts in their coming games. At the alarming rate he’s in now, he could also be on pace to receive an automatic suspension from the NBA. Durant is doing too much to show the league, he isn’t a cupcake and a softy.