The return of Harlem rapper Mase had everyone shocked after the release of his Cam’ron diss record “The Oracle”. Since then, he has found himself in the forefront of Hip-Hop news everywhere. On Tuesday, the rapper did a surprise pop up on the Angie Martinez show to “clear his legacy”. He discussed his beef with Cam, the separation between him and Bad Boy Records and his relationship with Diddy.

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Mase explained that the cause of the track was due to him continuously turning the other cheek whenever Cam would speak ill about him. The Harlem rapper seemed to think this was happening too frequently, “Sometimes as a man you just have to defend yourself since it’s not going to stop until you say something,” he said.

He also went on to say that he and Cam were friends for 10 plus years as children, but spent more years as enemies as adults. Angie playing the peace maker consistently inquired about a peaceful resolution and searched for middle ground between the two former teammates. But when asked about how he saw his dispute ending, Mase stood firm on his response, “I told you how it ends. If it doesn’t stop it’s going to end bad for him.” He continued to tell Angie that he wasn’t going to speak on religious things, “because this isn’t a religious matter.”


Throughout the rest of the interview, Mase addressed a wide-range of topics. His legacy at Bad Boy being chief among them. “When Biggie passed, it was my pen that made Bad Boy rise to the occasion.” He further addressed awards for his work that he did not receive credit for, that went to Diddy instead. However, he also acknowledged that had it not been for Bad Boy and Diddy putting him on, his life would not have been the same. He told Martinez that he would never publicly disrespect Puff because he afforded him an opportunity to be a star.

To watch the interview see video below.