Damon Dash is creeping on a movie industry takeover.

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On Wednesday afternoon (Dec. 7), Dash announced the completion of his highly anticipated film, Honor Up in an Instagram post, confirming Kanye West’s place as the executive producer.


Back in 2015, Dash joined forces with West to formulate an agenda that will allow the pair to create indie film while eliminating the middleman, thus receiving a more substantial profit. Honor Up was originally titled Loisaidas, but an individual by the name of Michael Medina who is a member of a bachata duo with the same name sued Dash over the film claiming that the short film threatens to defame their reputation due to scenes showing drugs and violence.

In response to the since failed lawsuit, the name of the film was changed to Too Honorable with a released trailer, where battle rap extraordinaire Murda Mook is spotted, exposing his pending debut into the acting world. Despite the released trailer, 2015, Dash never mentioned the film’s theater debut.

Obviously, the title Too Honorable was not going to rock. The film was reintroduced as Honor Up and maintains the same trailer as Too Honorable, starring Dash’s cousin Stacey Dash and Dipset’s own Cam’ron. Styles P and Smoke DZA also make bracing appearances.

According to Cam, Honor Up will hit theaters on Valentine’s day and as of today, the world hasn’t heard a peep from Ye about the gem. As for the return of Stacey Dash, will Honor Up be it?

Watch the trailer for the Dame Dash x Kanye West produced film Honor Up, below.

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