Words by Nick Slay

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Earlier this year Rihanna took the beauty world by storm when her Fenty Beauty collection flew off the shelves. What social media and industry critics noticed is that shades for women of color with darker and richer skin tones were completely sold out. This prompted the news media to focus on the spending dollar of the Black community and put the entire beauty industry on notice. The message was loud and clear, it is totally profitable to cater and market to women of color of all shades.

Social media also took notice of Kylie Jenner’s reaction to the success of the Fenty line who brought in $72 million dollars in one month, instantly raising Rihanna’s net worth and brand recognition.


Fast foward to December 2017 and Kylie was spotted on social media promoting 30 new shades on her Insta story. What fans on social media as well as news media recognized how the 30 new shades extended deep in the color spectrum populated by darker women of color. If you remember social media quickly called Jenner out for so quickly embracing diversity after the seemingly over night success of Rihanna’s brand especially since it was a big win for Sephora, who is the brand/store behind Fenty Beauty.

Holiday Make Up Wars: Kylie Jenner vs Rihanna

Holiday Make Up Wars: Kylie Jenner vs Rihanna

If you’re new to the story two days after the Fenty launch at Sephora, Kylie quickly announced her, ‘Brown Sugar Matte.’ Critics also quickly pointed out that the announcement featured a black model, which was a rare occurance for the brand.

The RiRi Navy quickly dragged Jenner on social media with a series of quips and clapbacks aimed at Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. Some outspoken tweets even referenced that with how perfect the Fenty brand was and how well it looked when worn, that there wouldn’t be any need for Kylie’s new offerings.

The attacks proved so successful that Jenner removed all traces of the promotion from her social media channels. This time Kylie came prepared with a well curated line for women of all shades (featuring concealers with a well rounded diverse set of shades that give a natural look) as well as a #SilverSeries launch of specialized creamy lipsticks just in time for he holidays, with the make up houses in a silver bullet shape.

Teasing all her new offerings primed and ready for the holiday shopping season are you here for Kylie Jenner’s new re-launch into the diversified make up market?

Holiday Make Up Wars: Kylie Jenner vs Rihanna