Dame Dash announced the release date for the long-delayed film Honor Up starring Cam’ron and Stacey Dash, and the following day Stacey took to Twitter to slam her cousin.

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The movie is reportedly executive produced by Kanye West, and has a 2018 Valentine’s Day release date. Although it was shot a while ago, Stacey said she did not ink any contracts with either Dame or Ye, and they don’t have the authorization to use her name or likeliness.


BET reports that the actress is upset about being featured in a Black film, and is going through extreme measures to wipe traces of the film. That sounds pretty insane considering that they’re family, but this is the same woman who is a proud Donald Trump supporter.

Stacey went from her beloved role as Dionne in Clueless to a specialist on Fox News. In that position she called for the termination of Black History Month and the BET Awards, claiming “either we want to have segregation or integration.” In addition, she attacked Jesse Williams after he delivered a powerful acceptance speech, calling the actor a “Hollywood plantation slave.”

Dame is sure to have saw the tweet, but didn’t make any comments about it yet.